On Mother’s Day…

I awoke this morning…after 10 consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep…yep,


to the footsteps and whispers of the four boys who inhabit every corner of my home and every inch of my heart. Executing my annual Mother’s Day breakfast in bed, orchestrated by B&B.

I’m busier than I’ve ever been. With all things children. Occasionally, I require 10 consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep in order to recover. And I have to remind myself, in the midst of the chaos, how lucky I am.

I have a guest post on Scary Mommy today . Reminding myself how lucky I am. Jill is so lovely for running it. I would be thrilled if you read me there today.

photo (13)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you “drat” Moms…

2 thoughts on “On Mother’s Day…

  1. I came across your post on Scary Mommy and just read your entire site back to the beginning, probably neglecting my husband and kids in the process. You made me laugh right out loud! I have two sons and a daughter: the oldest would also be Waldorf, the middle is the Kenyan, and my daughter (the youngest) is the Interrogator if there was ever a female Interrogator. There really is a lot to this birth order thing!! 😉

    • I couldn’t agree more about birth order. My poor oldest child is such an experiment. A lab rat. Child #2 could also have been named The Wanderer. What’s with the 2nd child wandering off all the time? And the 3rd one maybe isn’t as curious as he (or she in your case) just wants not to be forgotten about. Which occasionally happens at our house. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, and thank you so much for reading!!!!

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