I Should Have Gone to Five Guys…

“You know when it’s been so long since you’ve exercised that you’ll make every excuse not to? And all you can think about is a burger from 5 Guys? Yep. That.”

I posted that on my Facebook page last Saturday morning. And I meant every word.

We are deep into M-A-Y. Growing up, it was my favorite month. The azaleas bloom hot pink, the bedroom windows stay open all night, we are a handful of days away from summer vacation, and my birthday kicks off the month in celebratory fashion.

Now that I’m a parent, I recognize May for what it is. The month of allergies, field trips, party planning, permission slips, and track meets that overlap with lacrosse games.


In May, I did this…

3rd grade mother/son overnight camping trip

3rd grade mother/son overnight camping trip


5th Grade Reading Olympics Competition

5th Grade Reading Olympics Competition


Boychoir Rumpelstiltskin performance. Unfortunately, yes, the ax is ours.

Boy choir Rumpelstiltskin performance. Unfortunately, yes, the ax is ours.


Mother's Day Tea

Mother’s Day Tea


Ringing Rocks field trip. Boys + Hammers + Boulders = Perfection

Ringing Rocks field trip. Boys + Hammers + Boulders = Perfection


Meet Chuck, our newest family member. Acquired Family Night at the Book Fair.

Meet Chuck, our newest family member. Acquired Family Night at the Book Fair.


Our 4th and final Pre-K Ocean Show

Our 4th and final Pre-K Ocean Show

I also made it to the school’s Imagineering Lab to see the Kenyan’s robotics project. And I enjoyed both performances of the 2nd and 3rd grade chorus. I have no photographic evidence of these events. But I was present.

Every single ounce of it was awesome. I cried happy tears like a gazillion times. I cried right smack in the middle of the 3rd grade campfire in front of the Kenyan, his hunky teacher, his entire class, and their Moms. So that wasn’t embarrassing at all.

But, so help me Jesus, the May calendar with children makes it near impossible to sleep, shower, or exercise.

Which is how I found myself fantasizing about a burger from 5 Guys at 10AM on Saturday morning.

But I’m a clever girl.

I realize 5 Guys doesn’t sell burgers until 11AM.

I have time to spare.

I may as well do a kettlebell workout.

B&B is with the Kenyan at a track meet. Waldorf relaxes on the sofa with Minecraft. The Interrogator and the Verb are engaged in Lego play. So, I set myself up in my home gym. Which is code for my family room. Where Waldorf is chillaxin and the younger two are throwing Legos. I shove puzzle pieces and toys under the sofa. Then push the four laundry baskets containing clean, folded clothes against the wall. Pop in a kettlebell DVD. And put on my iPod.

The first song is a Rihanna tune. I skip to the next song. Also a Rihanna song. Skip ahead again. Rihanna once more.

Mother of pearl.

B&B has been using my iPod again.

I suffer through 40 minutes of kettlebells. Which, though challenging, is easier to endure than 40 minutes of Rihanna.

I should go directly upstairs to shower. But I know we have that new jump rope out back, and maybe I’ll give it a whirl while I’m warmed up. And by jump rope, I mean nautical rope that is both heavy enough and thick enough to secure a cruise ship to a port of call.

B&B is in the throes of a gardening project and, for some ungodly reason, a giant, clear, plastic tarp hangs from the ceiling of our covered patio. I sigh and drag the heavy rope to a spot that I hope is clear of the plastic sheeting. Fingers crossed.




This mother fucker is HEAVY!


OW, my wrists!







My right foot lands on the rope…which is the approximate width of an elephant’s thigh…and my ankle rolls. I gasp in pain and land in a heap on the ground. Tangled in B&B’s plastic garden sheeting.

So I am on crutches for the rest of this bastard month.

I can’t say I’m  enjoying my new status as a You Tube phenom.

My video debut

I should have gone to Five Guys.

14 thoughts on “I Should Have Gone to Five Guys…

  1. Why is every field trip scheduled in May? I understand the end if year concerts and award stuff but why the field trips? Can’t we scatter them throught the year. So sorry for the crutches.
    Your friend,
    Sleepless in May

    • Jessica, we are packed with field trips in May and October. Probably more than the average family because I just kept reproducing. They are all fantastic trips, but it makes me ready for school to end so we can sit in the family room and stare at one another. Thx for reading!

  2. Great stuff, except the ankle, of course! The YouTube video is a classic, that we enjoy again and again. Just solidifying my husband’s long distance bromance with your husband.

  3. It is a May thing!! Yours sounds just like mine: I am dropping balls left and right because there is just too much going on and my pea brain is overwhelmed! And very sorry about the crutches. 🙁

    • Thank you! I can’t believe how busy it’s been for us! I’m ready for summer…but at the same time I’m not ready for summer! Thanks for reading!

  4. Oh, Bethany, I am so sorry for your injury, but this is funny! That video had me rolling! Get better soon!

    • Thanks, Maryanne! I ditched the crutches on Friday after PT. Hoping I’ll get the green light to run again by the weekend. For my sanity and everyone’s safety!

  5. Crying from laughing . . . after reading the whole post AND then watching the video. Not laughing at you (not really anyway). May is horrible. That video just says it all. May beat you. It did.

    • Like a dog it beat me. I laughed at me. It’s a hilarious video. If you turn the volume up enough, you can hear the whirring of my motorized cart.

    • I would give them every minute of my entire week if all the trips fell at the same time. Gladly! We are in the throes of class party week now. I’m exhausted, and it’s only Monday. Thanks for reading!

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