Have you Ever had one of Those Moments?

Have you ever had one of those moments?

One of those Oh, shit moments?

Like when you’re in Disneyworld with your kids for the first time. And your first born, the precious child who made you a Mom, looks up at you with his bright blue eyes and his adorable toothy grin.

And he begs you to go on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster with him. “Please, Mommy? Please? We have to go on it. Together! Please?”

And your heart catches in your throat. And you say, “With you? I’ll go anywhere.”

And you ignore the butterflies in your stomach because you’re so focused on the magic of this moment and the memory you’re making that this child of yours will cherish for his entire lifetime.

He will write about it in his 4th grade Language Arts class. He will call it “My Favorite Spring Break Memory: The Time my Mom Rode the Rockin’ Roller Coaster With Me”.

And you wait in line, watching him talk animatedly. You nod your head in agreement and raise your eyebrows every now and then at what he’s saying. Even though you’re unable to hear a goddamn word over the roar of the roller coaster.

And then a car pulls up and stops directly in front of you. And you smile, squeeze your child’s hand and think, “Oh, boy, it’s our turn. We’re doing it. We are making a memory.”

And then you see something on the seat of that car. You tug on your eager child’s hand to stop him from sitting on it as you wonder, “What is that? It’s not gum. Is that a burrito?”

And the dude who is working the Rockin Roller Coaster suddenly whistles shrilly in your ear and yells, “Wait for the next car! Somebody puked in this one!”

And you hear your husband say to your Dad, “YES! It must be a good one! Somebody puked!”

And you remember that, since you’ve had kids, you can’t even get on the swingset in the backyard without feeling like you’re going to regurgitate the contents of your stomach. And forget the carousel at the mall. No chance you’re mounting one of those plastic ponies unless you’re prepared to barf into that plastic bag from the Children’s Place. All over your youngest son’s brand new tie.

That’s the moment.

The exact moment you think Oh, shit.


There’s no backing out. So you wait for the next car, squeeze your son’s hand, and pray you don’t boot all over him. And hope that you can enjoy it.

Oh, and that Language Arts essay you had high hopes for? It will now be titled “My Favorite Spring Break Memory: The Time Someone Puked all Over my Mom’s Seat on the Rockin Roller Coaster.”

Oh, shit.


And so it goes.


On April 1st, I received an email announcing this contest. A few hours later, I received the same email. This time, it was forwarded from my friend, Schuy (pronounced Sky). She had written, “This looks like fun. Want to do it with me?”

I replied, “Yep.” Or something prolific like that.

We had two full months…plenty of time…to get creative with our submission.

Factor 4 kids into the mix. And the madness that is the end of the school year. Toss in a few family birthdays. A husband who’s tackling a new gardening project. One boy running spring track. Another playing lacrosse. Same two boys dedicating an entire weekend in April to appear as extras in a music video. A few self-imposed writing deadlines. Some family commitments. An unfortunate encounter with a heavy jump rope that landed me on crutches. And Schuy has kids. A husband. Dogs. A store.

Which is how we found ourselves in a panic…without a word written…on the eve of the day submissions were due.

So, we put pen to paper, created some cartoon avatars, submitted our contest entry, crossed our fingers, and waited.

Our texts in the following days looked like this…

Schuy: “I hope we make the team!”

Me: “I know! I can’t believe we have to wait 10 more days until we know for sure!”

5 days later:

Schuy: “I really hope we make the team! I think it will be fun, don’t you?”

Me: “Totally! Totally hope we make it. And totally think it will be fun!”

4 days after that:

Schuy: “I’m nervous! I hope we make the team!”

Me: “Me too! Do you think my avatar’s boobs are too big?”

I set my alarm for 5AM the morning of June 10th. Because that’s when the email would come.

It came.

We didn’t make the team.

We didn’t make Dimity’s team.

But Sarah hadn’t announced her team yet.

I set my alarm for 5AM the morning of June 11th. Because that’s when the email would come.

It came.

We made the team.

“WE MADE THE TEAM!” I looked over at B&B’s side of the bed. And found it empty.

I wasn’t kidding about the gardening project.

I waited.

I waited until I couldn’t wait any longer.

At 5:42 AM, I texted Schuy, “WE MADE THE TEAM!”


I waited.


I waited until I couldn’t wait any longer.

At 6:02AM, I texted Schuy again, “How can you possibly sleep at a time like this?!”

While I waited for Schuy to text me back and share in my excitement, I decided to take a gander at the fine print of the relay. The details. The course. The mileage breakdown. The training plan.

Oh, shit, people.

There it was.

My moment.

My Oh, shit moment.

It was my holy shit on a shingle moment.

I sent Schuy an email with the mileage breakdown. Titled, appropriately and so very eloquently, “Oh shit”.

Schuy and I will join 10 strangers…all Moms and runners like we are…to run a 197 mile relay that begins in Cumberland, MD and ends in Washington DC.

We will each run three legs. One of those legs will likely require a headlamp and reflective gear. Because it may occur at 3AM. At 3AM, I’m usually sleeping. If one of my kids wanders into my room at 3AM, I bitch to B&B the next morning, “What the hell was he doing wandering into our room at 3AM?” Because 3AM is the time for sleeping.

When the race is over, each member of our team will have run between 13 and 22 miles.

I am nervous as hell.

I am also much more excited than any sane person should be.

I am thrilled to be on the team with so many inspiring women. Each of them strong. Determined. Adventurous. I’m eager to make memories with them. Memories that will last a lifetime.

I can’t wait to meet each and every one of them. Especially Sarah and Dimity, whose book, Run Like a Mother, I enjoyed so much that it graces my nightstand. Right alongside the pictures of the four people I love most in this world.

Running has seen me through my share of Oh shit moments.

And so I will run. A lot. To get me through this one.

Hopefully, after the race is over, I won’t write a post titled, “The Time I Puked Running 22 Miles”.

Fingers crossed, it’ll be titled, “So What if my Avatar’s Boobs are big? We Rocked Ragnar!”

Ragnar or Bust!

Ragnar or Bust! Speaking of bust, Bethany’s avatar bust is fabulous!


32 thoughts on “Have you Ever had one of Those Moments?

  1. Haha! Good for you, I knew you would make a team the moment I read you had entered. Sending lots of happy vibes and well wishes for training and the big event. I think you’re going to be awesome.

  2. Well, as one who has had many of those “Oh Shit Moments” I could relate to some of this. Right up until the whole mileage thing. But you…you are a “Rock Star” and you can do this. And I will be right there with you. In Spirit that is. Because, Bethany, 3 a.m. is for sleeping. Period. Ha. Whether you are a night owl, which I am, or an early morning riser, which my Jim is, 3 o clock is for sleeping…(well, except when I have to head to the airport to catch a flight. To Disney. Because what was I thinking when I booked the direct flight with the best price when it meant I will have to be up in the “way too early thirty” in the morning…but that is my issue. You will be great. The end.

    • You are the best! I’m bummed I won’t be with you girls when Jill hits town. Cannot extricate myself from these boys. And I am NOT roadtripping with them.

  3. I can’t wait to meet you gals. You realize that there are 4 of us Pennsylvania moms on Team SBS? We’re gonna rock it!
    t – the oldster

    • The idea of the race itself is appealing…but I’m most excited for the moments we’ll share on the van and the memories we’ll make. We are nuts! Thanks for reading!

  4. So funny. This is exactly how it went for Aimee and I when we found out we were on team dimity….except I texted her at 2:30am – they post their blog in the middle of the night on twitter. :). And then I couldn’t sleep and I went to the website… And you know the rest. :). See you in October!

  5. Yes, you will love it! I say this like I’ve done it, but I haven’t:) However, my dear friend and her crazy fast friends have done it 2 years in a row now and WON the damn competition! What an amazing getaway and to be with women just as determined and strong as you….way to go and good luck!

    • Krissy, that is amazing! Crazy fast I am not. I am just hoping not to disappoint myself and my team members. I’m really excited though! Thanks for reading and for your kind words!!

  6. I just finished up Ragnar Ontario with 10 other friends (we were one member down). It’s an awesome time!! We had team members completing their 1st Ragnars all the way to their 5th Ragnars. You will have a great great time. And come out with 10 new friends!!!

    • Congrats!! And way to go with only 11 of you! I love to hear that people are going back to experience it again! Thanks for reading!!

    • Thanks, Nicole! I’m excited! I have to log A LOT of miles between now and then, but that’s part of what I love about it. That’s the part that makes me crazy. But, as a runner, you get it. I know you do.

  7. So happy for you! When is the run? There are a lot of SWIFTies training for the rock and roll and Philly 1/2 or full marathon (OMG, I Think I am adding my name to the full list…. Oh, shit!) if you are looking for people to run with. Have fun, that’s THE MOST important part. And a good sports bra.
    ;), Jen
    P.S. Love that B&B left an encouraging comment for you. Sweet.

    • Thank you! And good for you, going for the full! I may do the half when you run the full. I like that one. I. Hate. Running. In. The. Summer. I would rather run in 15 degrees than 85 degrees. I may join the Y just to run in the AC. I wish I were kidding. We have to run together!!!

  8. You will kick ass!!! And even if you don’t (you will) you now have a very cool avatar version of you. And that’s sort of priceless. 😉

    • I wish my real boobs were as fly as my avatar’s boobs. BTW, I keep meaning to try the Barre class! As soon as my ankle is 100%. I will not go in there unless I’m ready for every muscle in my lower body to be taxed.

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