This Is Childhood: One


I feel like I’ve graduated to big girl panties.

Last January, I told my sensitive husband that I was seriously thinking about starting a blog. His reply was, “Any idiot can write a blog.”

And while there is a certain amount of truth to his words of encouragement statement, I’ve discovered the opposite to be true as well…there are many incredibly gifted writers who blog. Writers whose stories have me slapping my desk and heaving with laughter. And writers whose authenticity leaves my keyboard wet with tears because I’m so moved by their words.

Some of my favorite bloggers, all of them Mothers, are collaborating on a writing series, titled This Is Childhood. From Allison, so well known for The Mom Stays in the Picture, to Lindsey, who wrote 10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know Before She Turns 10, each of these beautiful writers will chronicle one year in a child’s life from ages 1-10. I am thrilled to be joining them in this series. Big girl panties. 

Every Tuesday, a different writer will offer her thoughts about a year in the first decade of childhood…

Aidan Donnelley Rowley   Age One   (Read her here today)

Kristen Levithan  Age Two

Nina Badzin   Age Three

Galit Breen  Age Four

Allison Slater Tate   Age Five

Bethany Meyer   Age Six

Tracy Morrison   Age Seven

Amanda Magee   Age Eight

Denise Ullem   Age Nine

Lindsey Mead Age Ten

10 unique voices. Not one idiot in the bunch. 

Aidan’s piece almost makes me want another one. Almost. 

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